Nils Bech: «Echo»

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Join us in the Bergen Kunsthall´s galleries for a unique concert-performance.

Nils Bech and Ida Ekblad have been collaborating artistically for over a decade. At kunsthall´s gallery spaces Nils will perform works from the album ‘Echo’ (DFA/Fysisk Format) interacting with new sculptural works by Ida.

Nils Bech: 'In my performance-concert 'Echo' I want to interact with artwork that carry eerily human qualities - as placeholder for the storyteller, the lover, the object. When using the artwork as a conversation partner - or as stand-in for the person for whom the song was written, the mirroring opens another dialogue, representing the often conflicted ways of communication that is also at the core of my album, Echo.’


Free admission.
Seating is limited, so please pick up your ticket at